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#Artist: ABnormal Boiz





Abnormal Boyz: This is the Neapolitan job by friends who dedicated their whole life to the electronic music, and now they decided to produce cool minimal stuff !!! The Abnormal Boyz was born in Naples, a town with a great school in all the fields of the art; The Abnormal Boyz met themselves during the parties of electronic music in town, and very soon decided to spend time in the studio to create music. In so little time they gave life to many amazing tracks: Their music is fresh, constantly mutating, based on funky sounds, minimal bass-lines and involving groove! The group is in the record market since 2007 with successful products and tracks on the Belgian SAMMEPLATZ REC and on the Italian GLOBOX. With “Keep It” on FRANKIE REC ep, they reach the playlists of all Europe and not only. Very significant is also their track on “Gold ep” of the LOOSE REC and soon, on the same label, an ep by Abnormal Boyz. At the moment, the guys have realized two remix for German labels: KAUFE MUSIK and MICROTONAL. A big success is expected for the latest ep, out these days, on the newborn label SPLITSOUND in cooperation with their talented friend Joseph Capriati. Other essential cooperation: an ep and two remix on the digital labels MINIBUS and SUARA and a remix for Dj Emerson recently out on MICRO.FON 013, which is already popular in all the dance floors, from Berlin to Rio de Janeiro!


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