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#Artist: Angel Mora





Angel Mora, productions have been supported and played by artists:
Laurent Garnier, Luciano, M.A.N.D.Y, Richie Hawntin, Danny Tennaglia, Audiofly, Josh Wink, Silicon Soul,Nima Gorji, Gel Abril, Maceo Plex, Michael Cleis, James Zabiela, Karotte, Gabriel Ananda, Paco Osuna, Luna City Express, Butch, Moodymanc, Tom Novy, Jim Rivers, Someone Else, Andrew Grant, Shinedoe and many others.

Angel Mora’s career begins at an early age. His first encounter with electronic music occurs on the dance-floors of his hometown, Palma de Mallorca, when he was 17 years old. Falling in love immediately with the sounds of Deep House, he does everything within his reach to enter the enticing world of electronic culture. He starts working the lights at a local club, but quickly realizes that his deal is the music and becomes a DJ. This is a fortunate decision for the many fans that he has charmed during the 17 years of his career. Mixing House, Deep and Tech, Angel is a DJ who will not sacrifice elegance when he has to activate a dance-floor. He’s always on the search for innovative and energetic sounds, a trait that has made him a favorite of many clubbers.

Angel is dedicated to producing music, releasing on labels such as:

Gimmick Records (Suiza)
Suruba X (Madrid)
Novotek Raw Serie Vinyl (BCN)
Recycle Records (Italy)
Lust Recordings (Madrid)
Escapism Musique (Bucarest)
Malo Records (Mallorca)
Anhura Records (Menorca)

Angel Mora worked at:
Es Carrero 95,96,97 (Porto Cristo)
Pacha (Mallorca)
Pacha (Madrid),
Pacha (London),
Klub Kobra (Alemania)
Charada Club (Madrid)
Space (ibiza),
Al Rojo Vivo (Mallorca),
Gallery (Mallorca),
El Divino (Mallorca),
Secrets (Bolivia),
Wow (Granada),
Menta (Mallorca)
B-Side (Mallorca),
Chic Palace (Mallorca),
Abraxas (Mallorca),
Klan (Mallorca),
Rex Party (Mallorca),
Physical Disco (Mallorca),
Torino, (mallorca),
La Cueva(Mallorca)
Supermarket (Mallorca)
Garito Cafe (Mallorca)
Ness Club (Mallorca)