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#Artist: Carlos Koschitzky





Carlos Koschitzky at the age of 17, he was one of the pioneers of the Hip-hop movement in Spain being the number 1 DJ on sales chart with the track "Hey Pijo".
On a second phase, he starts to have more passion for Techno and he publish as a producer various works with Level Records as "Home" and "Chernobil".
His third phase, and perhaps the most important one, he gets involved in the edition, mixdown and mastering of sound. He studied and used the most powerful professional edition software as Logic Pro, Pro-tools. He also learned all the additional Plug-in, Audio Units, TDM, etc. In this phase, he begins to work in publicity for TV and movies (Cybertrips and MAW). In this period of three years, he create music and sound of more than 130 publicity for Movies and TV, obtaining as engineer, 2 "Pavos Reales " for the best sound in two consecutive years, (campaigns: Quiero TV "Chucky" and Playstation "Cementerio") this last one rewarded in the festival of publicity of new York in the year 2000. The campaign of "Nike-Manifestacion" is rewarded with the "Leon de Oro" in the publishing festival of San Sebastian-2000. Other works of publicity was the campaign of CEPSA, which serve as an example in the School of Sound of Madrid... During this phase, he also carries out other works in edition and mastering of the music in the documentary "To The edge of the Impossible thing" from the musician Suso Saiz and the Digital edition of the disk ARS of Joan Valent. The mastering of the disks The Rock 1, 2 and 3 of Nacho Sotomayor and of Maresias 1 and 2 of Alvaro Watches. He also produced during this phase.
In a quarter phase, he gone deeper in the mix of music and abandons the publicity for some years. His first work in that phase was the programming of the disk of HEVIA "Ethnic ma odd Troppo" in the year 2003. After, he carried out the programming of the disk of SHORT Celts "C'est la Vie". In the 2004, he carried out the programming for the group MARLANGO in its first disk and mastered the Disk of Santi Ibarretxe "Primital".
In the meantime, he continues doing mixes and mastering for artists as Cristian Varela and DJs like David Mariscal, Alvaro Vela, etc. He also gives classes of Musical data processing, among their students musicians are found as the Juan Aguirre (Amaral), Tetxo Bengoetxea, Tino di Geraldo, Ramon Herranz (Director of the national orchestra of Jazz) etc... In 2005, he carries out again programming for Hevia in its final disk "Obsession" that was published in 2007. Also, he collaborates with the Group Amaral. Mastered the disk for children "El Musical Juguetes y suenos", mixed the music for the movie "El Calentito" of Chus Gutierrez, the music for the documentary "El tren de la memoria" and sounds of the short "Seleccion Natural" and "Catharsis" of Daniel Shorn. Also he mounted a group of Chillout music with Carita Boronska and Nantha Kumar. Gaspanic is another group of house music in which he does the production. Finally in 2006, he associates with Cristian Varela with whom he works now on Chill Out, Classical and many form of Electronic music