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#Artist: Ekkohaus





Ekkohaus was born in Greece. He took piano lessons and later won a scholarship in an orchestra percussion course. He studied vibraphone and marimba but after a few years of practising he realised that classical education was missing a very important ingredient, so he went looking for it...... He bought his first Roland drum machine and a cheap synthesizer and soon was transferring midi data between the 2 devices. In the late nineties, he was introduced to computer music and nowadays he combines software and hardware equipment for his production and live performances. He has lived in London where he studied music technology and worked in a famous art gallery before he decided to move to Berlin and focus in the thing he loves He has recently started his own night, "strictly no dancing", a night that focuses in the art of listening and experiencing music. A fruitful new ground for social interaction and music education. There, he invites producers, dj's and important people of the industry (in the artistic level) to showcase their musical influences and background rather than mix their hottest new records..... Ekkohaus has been spinning records since 2002 (resident at hobo and babalu, in Greece) and playing live since 2006..... His live sets are a mix of house grooves, dubby bass, quirky vocal samples and minimal structures.... His djing is very diversed also, like a glimpse of the future through a journey in the past....a sort of...time travelling experience.... The last few years Ekkohaus has been releasing music in various lebels (Morris Audio, Cargo Edition, Safari electronique, Multi vitamins, Kick boxer, Serialism, Igloo, Level, Brut and more....) Although ekkohaus is not a religious person, he is said to be member of a secret cult that claims to be in search of the magic loop, an ecstatic situation created by the monotonous repetition of a specific frequency or rhythm.


#Ekkohaus | Polka Club | Sunday 26 June


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