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#Artist: Ezio





Born in Madrid and rise in Brussels, at the end of the 90’s he discover electronic music after several years involved in music bands playing piano and guitar.

Influenced by the big club scene of the city and the artists that every week played around ( Derric May, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin, Dj Sneak, Dave Angel or Kevin Sounderson ). He starts to focus his passion for music on electronic rhythms and synthesizers. His sensibility for rhythms and the Psyche’s (Carl Craig) track « from beyond » make him definitely get into electronic music.

In 2000 he starts to dj and organize rave parties in Brussels with some friends creating their own collective, « micropunto ». At this time he spend a lot of hours in a record shop in Madrid owned by Alex Under who will give him a few years later the oportunity to relase on his label CMYKmusik. In 2002 he started to produce tracks and to build his own little studio to try to find a personal sound. In 2006 he meet the spànish techno producer HD Substance and start to get in touch with the music industry and artists in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris.

Between techno and house his music pla's with jazzy keyboards, hyonotic frequencies and deep rhythms. Producing a very personal groove. Funky stuff.

His first works were released on labels such as Software (09) or CMYK (014) in 2007. His friendship with Elesbaan make him also work for the Madridian techno label Del Barrio, and play his liveset in several clubs and festivals. He also work with Andre Buljat’s label 4Line records (014) with his friend From Karaoke To Stardom or labels like Deependence (Naples) or Polka Project (Madrid). The best is coming…

He’s actually playing around in clubs his live set. Swing swing swing…





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