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#Artist: Kasper





Friend of the Net 28 family for a long time, now Kasper officially joins the Spanish crew. Madrid-based artist with a musical background made of a broad variety of music from post-punk, rock, jazz, rap to of course, electronic music, being specially influential labels such as Studio 1, Basic Channel, Profan, Chain Reaction, Mosaic, Schatrax, Perlon, Planet E.

In early 2005 he starts running some clubs together with Papol successfully becoming resident of Revolver where he shares sets with important artists as Damián Schwartz, Pilas, Magda or David Mariscal.

Esperanza Label project is the next big step in Kasper career. Kasper starts managing Esperanza label together with Papol with the idea of showing the crowd their personal view of electronic music. Artists like Troy Pierce, Dario Zenker, Heartthrob, Jorge Savoretti, Ryan Crosson, Marc Houle, Franco Cinelli, Mikael Stavostrand, quickly joined the project and helped the Spanish label to grow up and became what it is in the present.

2006 is the year Kasper starts producing. Kasper and Papol first release comes out in Igloo netlabel, played by some of the main suspects of the minimal scene all over the world. Later on, Kasper collaborates with Minus with a remix of the minimal anthem RUOK? from New Yorker Ambivalent and after with a track in the VVAA of Items and Things 02 (label owned by Troy Pierce, Magda and Marc Houle).

From then on a lot of surprises come up, releasing in his own label Esperanza but also in Lomidhigh, Mupa… And playing in every key club of electronic music scene like Watergate, Rex, Fuse, Harry Klein, Weekend club, Goa, The South American Conference…