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#Artist: Manu Bermejo





Hidden between electronic sounds, it came as a surprise to hear something that hadn’t yet arrived. Manu Bermejo, a radical innovator, and 70 weekly minutes merge a resounding culture with technological advancements. The artist came to light in this idyllic scenery.

Colors, sounds and feelings… Audiovisual art: a universe that expands itself trough mind. It’s about understanding the endless possibilities and sow sequences in order for the productions to be created and grow. He published his work not only in national record companies, but in some international ones too. Nonconformist investigator of technique, you can notice his energy and interaction with the public during his performances. He is an explosive mixture for his DJ’s, his sets, and live acts. He performed during large-scale festivals such as Klubersday, Creamfieds and Womand Festival just to name a few. He performed in night clubs all over Spain : Coopera, Matrix, Space of the Sound ,The Mills, Ojhu Club, Grial, Le Masque, Edem, Sala Metrópolis, Freedom Hall, Bcm , Room, Latex, and many more. He shared the stage with many of the best artists on the globe. With a genuine personality, he plans on continuing working with tones and techniques without leaving out the physical vision of sound, where, like he already explained to us, it generates the authentic interaction between the artist, the technology and the sensation.
Nowadays, he resides in one of the best night clubs of Andalousia and the peninsula all together: SALA METRÓPOLIS. It is one of the international models due to its constancy and exquisite programming week after week, where we can find him during his numerous performances. His new project ‘aka AbsenT’ gives us the opportunity to feel the dirty and electronic side of his music. You can follow each and every one of his moves on his website.


#La Mansión